The with the official launch of our sponsoring token, Terasu is now available for trading on the various indexes. This joint effort will help us create and launch our platform at a low (or possibly free) cost to users worldwide including high schools, colleges and businesses small and large. There is currently a volume cap of 8 billion token which will be distributed to exchanges per demand.

What is a Token? A Token, more specifically an ERC-20 token, is a standard built on top of the well known Ethereum block-chain. A sub-currency with a static amount in circulation. Currently, we’ve just kicked off Phase 1 development for the application. Working alongside various contractors, we are developing an app to better connect teams and sync teams with relevant projects and tasks. But we cannot do this without support from the communities this application will have relevance with. Help us bring the light to teams everywhere with Terasu

Token Name: TERASU
Symbol: TRU
Decimals: 18

LIMITED TIME TRU GIVEAWAY! (Faucet): (6 days left)

Etherscan Listing:


Explorer One (By Token):

Explorer Two (By Address):

Proffered Exchanges

1.) ForkDelta:!/trade/0xad9355f782c6ec75f134b93304b8f9a691a4432a-ETH

2.) McAfeeDex:

3.) EtherDelta:!/trade/0xad9355f782c6ec75f134b93304b8f9a691a4432a-ETH

5.) TokenJar.IO:

6.) Bamboo Relay:

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Getting Started:

What is Ethereum?

What is an ERC – Token?

How to trade ERC-20 Tokens (TW)

How Do I Exchange TRU?

1.) Create an account with the exchange (if required)

2.) Deposit ETH (from your standalone wallet) to your wallet in the exchange

3.) Within the exchange, go to Add Custom Token or Add Token

4.) Specify Token Contract #: 0xad9355f782c6ec75f134b93304b8f9a691a4432a

5.) Specify Decimal Spaces: 18

6.) Specify Symbol TRU

7.) Submit Purchase or Buy order

How Do I Store My TRU?

You may store Terasu on any multi-coin crypto wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. To allow a wallet to store TRU, you will need to add it manually (Add Token/Add Custom Token). Listed below are some preferred wallets:

Trust Wallet (github): (Official Website)

My Ether Wallet: (Download)

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